Do I now need to reimport an exported frame?

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Hi, getting my head around this. I am used to exporting a single frame to use in a YT thumbnail. In Hitfilm Express 2021.1 I am now offered new choices - to reimport the frame etc.

I read the manual, decided that I don't need the reimported frame, went to delete it - and it said that the frame is used in the time line, asking if I am sure I want to delete it. Sorry, I am now confused. When I exported it, did it start missing in the time line? Do I need to reimport it, or not? Thanks!


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    You must have selected one of the "Reimport to Timeline" Options, which means when you delete the file from the Media Bin it will warn you it's on the Timeline - because that's the option you selected.

    There is a "No Reimport" option (if you just want the file on your drive and not in your project) or a "Reimport to Media Bin" option if you want the media in the Project, but not added to the Timeline. In the future, one of these options is probably what you want.