[FEATURE] 3D Displacement effect.

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it would be great to have a real displacement effect, as is the case in the 3d design, which allows the pixels of an image to move along an axis depending for example on the luminance, to add the 3D dimension to a 2D image


  • Triem23
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    How is this different from the existing Parallax effect, which uses a grayscale map to displace a layer on the Z-axis. Basically Hitfilm already does this.

  • Vlad_Zanbarbone
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    @Triem23 no, it doesn't work as it should ;)

  • Vlad_Zanbarbone
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    when you look to the side, it becomes completely flat

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    If I understand correctly, you want the effect to actually displace the geometry, such as in something like Blender, as opposed to being just a visual effect?

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    @Vlad_Zanbarbone ,

    Upvoted dude and for sure, it'd be really cool to have actual displacement on all 3D objects directly built into Hitfilm. If you're versed in 3D apps...? you can bake this out onto a Plane, Bake it onto the mesh and export it as an alembic Animation then import that into Hitfilm. :)

    @Triem23 ,

    You and @Vlad_Zanbarbone are talking about two different things. Parallax is one thing... Displacement is another and he's talking about Displacement.

    Parallax is much like a very controllable Normal map which gives the illusion of depth but it only works at certain angle close to the camera. Go and move the camera too far and the illusion is lost.

    Displacement which is what he's going for... actually moves and warps the geometry. This holds up at any angle but takes a lot of geo.

    @TheBenNorris ,

    Yes he's talking about actual geometry Displacement.


    Forgot to post these.

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    @spydurhank oh, I know. Sometimes I prompt for clarification anyway - sometimes for perceived clarification for the devs.

    See, a plane has four vertices and one poly. Of course Vlad is now asking to translate a plane into high res geometry.

    Personally I'd do it in Blender (free) or PDHowler (paid), as this is actually a semi-major thing to add in Hitfilm - especially as, with an EFFECT with Hitfilm's order of ops it's asking HF to recreate geometry each frame.

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    Not at all sure here, but that sort of displacement doesn't really fall within the engine of Hitfilm's editing/compositing effects. To me, it seems it would require a massive overhaul of the basic function of the code to make it into a 3D geometry program like Blender et. al. But I know Jack**** about coding so I may be entirely off base and will defer to coding wizard Spydurhank. 😁

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    @tddavis ,

    Thanks dude, I'm not a coding wizard but thanks, I appreciate it. :)

    Yeah that would have to happen on the Hitfilm side of things. I'm not allowed to go into Hitfilm and change or add things... else I'd have already learned the language somehow and pimped the hell out of what ever it is that I wanted to pimp out.

    But yeah, they'd have to write another engine for something like True Displacement... if anyone could do it... it's the FXhome devs. :)