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I am new to Hitfilm (express) and am rendering videos & black screen movies with audio files from 1 hour up to 10 hours long to YouTube. Sometimes they are looped (audio), have a few key frame points (where I lower the audio briefly at a point) and cross fades between each section of looped audio clips. The problem is when I export, it takes an extremely long time. For example, a 10 hour movie will take ALL of 10 hours or more. This is for the black screen just audio file. Is this normal ? Also, is their a setting to where I can have a black picture (background) play the entire time instead having Hitfilm think it is a movie?

My fomat is 1920x1080, 1080p 30fps running Windows10 64bit, 16gb ram, i7 2.2ghz nvidia geforce gtx1050ti maxQ, Being that I'm new to Hitfilm & editing I just don't know what all todo to help reduce this time.

I greatly appreciate any and all suggestions from the community in advance !


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    Right click the YouTube Preset in the Export Panel and choose Duplicate. Scroll down to the User Preset you've created and right click, select "Rename" and give it a useful name like "YouTube Audio Only." Right click this preset and select "Edit." In the Video settings uncheck "Render Video."

    Which should give you a black video with audio and render much quicker.

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    Incidentally, it's actually pretty rare for any NLE to render in real time or quicker, even with just a still image. And Hitfilm isn't the fastest. The steps I listed above are an old workaround for exporting audio before Hitfilm offered true audio only export. Never thought I'd need to hand it out again, but, an all-black video would be the one time it's useful.