[FEATURE] Ability to Join/Merge Project Files

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edited April 2021 in HitFilm

Please add the capability to import one project file into another. Being able to import another project at the location of the slider on the timeline or at least at the end of the current project would make the Editor more usable for complex or lengthy edits.

With this feature you would have the option to work on complex editing in smaller project files. This would reduce load times just to work on one section such as an open, closing credits, etc. Then assemble them together in an overall project to hold all sections when wrapping up an editing project. Having all clips and comps on the timeline offers the ability to tweak clips for color correction, timing of edits, audio clean up, etc. And would avoid a generation loss of flattening smaller sections into a rendered file and having to re-import to assemble the final edit.


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    To echo a question from @TheBenNorris  in another thread, are you specifically thinking of a quick-and-dirty "append" where the imported projects just appears at the time ruler (and pushes existing edits farther down the line), or are we getting into nesting/multiple Editor Timelines?

    Either way, I vote YES!

  • Stargazer54
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    Yes to either pushing edits to the right of where the time ruler is or append to the end of a project. Would be happy with either one.

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    Totally agreed!!

    Dealing with different projects to import them to HitFilm, particularly with AAF files that come from other editing software as different sequences is highly essential for video editing, thus, we can append these files to our current projects and easily transfer between them.

    In the current version of HitFilm, the AAF can't be imported, it can just be opened as a new project in the current editing sequence. Therefore, I would like to have the option to add AAF files to my current projects and to copy some projects to others.


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    Coming from Vegas pro, this is the most important feature for me, that I find hitfilm is lacking in.In Vegas I could easily import one project into another so that I don't have to deal with a huge 'n' bloated timeline and this also made my workflow smoother since I could easily divide a single project into multiple Subprojects.It would be great if a similar 'Merge project' feature is implemented in the future version of hitfilm as this is the most important feature necessary for any video editor.