Render process crashing help?

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hi all,

put together a 6min vid with lots of edits but nothing crazy. a couple composite shots included that slide in/out but no 3d etc...

issue 1: every time I try to export the render process crashes pretty much at the same point. I've seen some tips on clearing cache etc but nothings worked yet. I've tried to split the project into two 3-min parts. Process still crashed at 99% done every time except for once...

issue 2: the one time I did get the 1st 3 minutes, the resulting vid included SO much more area than my viewer pane preview. I had a lower third that I thought was almost touching the bottom of the video. once processed there was 25% more screen below it. obviously missing a setting somewhere but I'm clueless.

thanks for looking :-)

3.60 gigahertz AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core/768 kilobyte primary memory cache/4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache/16384 kilobyte tertiary memory cache/64-bit ready/Multi-core (8 total)/Hyper-threaded (16 total)/16278 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory/AMD Radeon (TM) RX 580 [Display adapter]


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    The same happens to me all the time. I bought a new computer (powerful one) and it has loads of space but hitfilm keeps crahing my videos when exporting and even when I'm editing, causing me to loose my project mid way. I am tired of having problems with this app, I've never tried a worse one. It sucks. I waste so much time doing simple cuts and texts because of it, and I no longer enjoy the process of editing, it takes so much time. I highly recommend you move to another video editing app, like Shotcut. Also, Hit film takes loads to export a 5 minute video, and as I have to export in bits because of the crashing, it takes even longer and gets sooo frustrating. My videos are lower quality since I use Hitfilm, which is suposed to be more advanced than Shotcut, the one I used before. Also, when I come here, there are so many people having problems with it, it proves my point. There is no short answer to the problems either. They're like: "so what is your computer exactly?" and then proceed to speak to you in techno language. With Shotcut I had no issues. Wanted to upgrade, but I'm definitely going back.

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    @kitten30 sorry to hear you're having issues, if you struggle to understand the terms users or even our support staff are using then please let them know and they will be more than happy to help you out.

    It sounds like you're having quite a range of issues, which ultimately could be related to the media you're using, the actual specs of your machine (unfortunately "powerful one" is not enough information, and there have been several cases where this is actually not the case) or even your drivers. If you're willing to be patient with us then we will do whatever we can to help you out and get the software working the best it can for you.

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    @jackandelman sorry for the late reply, I never saw this post unfortunately.

    I recommend that you ensure your drivers are updated to solve issue one. If the problem continues, contact our support team directly:

    As for your second issue, it sounds like your project and export settings do not match. Check the export preset you are using (by default it is 1080p, perhaps you are using 720p footage?) and you should be able to solve your issues.