Prometheus VFX Breakdown/What is possible in HitFilm?

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So i found this video of a breakdown for prometheus.  Like the story of the movie or no, it is a visual treat.  Now i am curious what is possible when it comes to making intricate landscapes in hitfilm and with hitfilm mocha and what is not?


The first shot with the sky looks simple enough initially.  Please add to the breakdown if i am missing something.

1)start with a 3d point with a  light flare attached to it

2)add a 3d plane that will eclipse the light flare, that is masked out to be a circular shape

3)Add a horizon/atmosphere(not sure on the particular method i'd do that for.

4) Take 4 photos in 3d space and arrange them 2 x 2.  with the top photos angled back to creat a different perspective

5) Add midground cloud cover to hide the seems and add more depth to the image.

6)Add a reflection from the light on the clouds.

7)Add lightning to the base layer below the clouds.


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