What's the easiest way to reuse a keyframe animation?

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I have an image that I stretch out and return to the original within 3 frames, similar to what a lot of animation YouTubers do when they change the pose on a 2D character.

I want to reuse this keyframe animation at the start of every image:

The way I currently do it is quite cumbersome:

  • make the animation on one image
  • copy the keyframes
  • click on the image I want to have the animation on
  • move the playhead to the start of that clip (using the Page Down key)
  • paste the keyframes

For 4 images it's not that bad, but when I have to do this 30 times every video it gets quite frustrating

So is there any way to turn this into an effect or transition that I can drag onto the images?

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    I assume you are in a composite shot. Click on the Value Graph with the Scale channel active. You will see all your key frames. Click anywhere in the gray grid to deselect all. Drag your mouse over the ones you want to select. Control C to copy. Move the slider down the timeline. Control V to past. Rinse & repeat.

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    That's basically what I'm doing, as I described in my post. I was thinking that there might be a way to create a comp shot template where the image is replaceable, but it doesn't seem like images can be published for templates.

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    You have a couple of options with comp shots. You can right click on a comp shot in the Media bin and make a Duplicate (make sure to rename it). Change your image in the copy and your text layer will retain the same keyframes.

    You can also export a comp shot to insert into later projects by right clicking on the comp in the Media bin and select Save As. To re-import, right click on a blank area of the media bin and select Import, Composite Shot.

    Either method will save your keyframes for future use.

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    If you find Saving Comp shots to do this is a bit unwieldy, you might consider this alternative method.

    You can't do it directly, but with some brute force and ignorance you can get close. 😉 It would ideally involve saving keyframes on an empty effect that did nothing but move things about, and is something I suggested a while ago and tried to get people interested in voting on more recently, but no takers so far. https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/55058/enhancement-motion-graphics-basics-roll-your-own

    You can do it (and other interesting things, like swivels and wobbles and boings etc.) yourself by going through effects that have a Scale or Z-distance component to them, as well as having other things that you're not interested in using. What you do is dial down/turn off the other features to zero/Nope and only use the Scale/Z-Distance parameter to get the movement you want via keyframes. Perspective Warp will do what you need in this instance.

    You then save that as a Preset with a useful name so you can find it again. Thereafter you can just drag'n'drop it (them, if you make others) onto anything that needs it instead of using the 'real' scale of the object. If you need to slide it along the timeline, or speed up/slow down the movement, select all the keyframe points and stretch/squash/move them accordingly. You can combine effects and save as a multi effect Preset, like Zoom In + Glow for 1 second + Spin 360 degrees, all as one single Preset, or keep the components separate and combine on the image as required.

    BTW, there is a bug where if you make a change and save a preset with the same name as before, you'll now have 2 (or more) of the same effect showing up when you search with no way to tell them apart until you close and restart Hitfilm; when only the latest version will be available (name cacheing error). If you don't want to keep opening and closing Hitfilm; either get it right first time, or add a number to the name with each change then when you're done, delete all but the last one and rename it without the number. (Pretend to save another one and use the Browse box to delete/rename others in the folder, then close it without saving anything).

    Best of luck.