Text layer fade In and Out

zakmichael Posts: 9 Just Starting Out*

I am doing subtitles video using composite shot.

The video is quite long and I need to fade in or out the text.

I thought about

- keyframing the text opacity

- duplicate it

1 How not to lose the keyframe settings though the subtitles duration.

2 are there other ways to do this ?

Thank you for your time 😊


  • tddavis
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    @zakmichael There might be. It is a feature I have never made use of so I cannot explain it very well at all, but there is something about copying the properties of a layer and pasting it on another layer that I am recalling. @Triem23 or @FilmSensei I am positive can explain far, far better than I can, or if I am totally off-base here correct my mistake.

  • Stargazer54
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    @zakmichael Go to Effects, Transitions-Video, Dissolve and select Additive Dissolve. Drag that to the front of your text layer. That will automatically fade in the text. Drop another on the tail end of the clip and it will fade out.

    You can of course keyframe the Opacity, but using Additive Dissolve is much faster. If you want to change the timing, select and drag the tail edge of the effect to lengthen or shorten. It should default to 1 sec.

  • zakmichael
    zakmichael Posts: 9 Just Starting Out*

    @Stargazer54 can't add this effect to text layer because i am in a composite shot.

    i am doing subtitles so the duration of text varies, keyframe for fade in/out is not an option i believe!

  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,899 Ambassador

    Yes if you are adding text in a comp you will have to keyframe Opacity to fade up and down. Just saying that managing dissolves and fades are much easier on the Editor timeline using Cross Dissolve and Additive Dissolve. Very cumbersome in a comp shot other wise.