SOME Import files does not work in hitfilm but works in Wevideo no matter what

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Currently, I am having some issues with Hitfilm as some of my files will not be imported correctly (Yellow triangle, no video but sound OR blank video and no sound but no triangle)

All the files are shot the exact same way have the exact same camera with no change to settings so I don't understand what is happening because the files will no matter what work with another program called WeVideo.

Please help



  • spyresca
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    Have you tried transcoding them? Not every program supports every format in the same way, so whatever "WeVideo" does is not relevant here.

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    What version of Hitfilm are you runing?

    What version of Windows are you running - if Windows 10, is your Windows installation/computer NEWER than 2017?

    What camera did you shoot with?

    Here's what I THINK is happening - I think you're recorded h.265/HEVC video. You can verify this by downloading a free app called MEDIAINFO, generating a "TREE" report and posting that here.

    Mediainfo tutorial:

    Now, Hitfilm 16.0+ (including 2021.1) can read HEVC files, but, EXPRESS uses the WINDOWS Encoders/Decoders, and, in 2018 Microsoft removed the HEVC codecs from the OS. The HEVC codec is a $0.99 download from the Windows Store. As stated, this is the encoder Hitfilm uses.

    So, assuming your video is HEVC and your computer/Windows is from 2018 or more recent, you have two choices.... You can transcode all your footage to h.264/AVC using third-party software (HANDBRAKE is free), OR, you can spend the dollar on the Windows extension.

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    They are shot in HEVC, but my computer supports those, and the weird part is that some of the recordings work fine, others don't even though they are shot in the exact same way, so that is why it is a bit weird.

    I ended up using Handbrake to basically just converts them without changing any of the settings and those files work fine so that is weird...