3D model reflections in Andrew Kramer's Imperial Corridor

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Hi there!

I'm setting a 3D scene in the Imperial Corridor created by the awesome Andrew Kramer. I followed @FilmSensei 's great YouTube tutorial:

Film Sensei's Imperial Corridor Tutorial

I'm facing some issues with the floor reflections. Enabling 'Casts Reflections' under the material tab of the corridor and 'Receives Reflections' under the floor's material tab causes no reflections at all on the floor itself:

I will add of course the shadows and ambient occlusion later, just wanted to keep the things as simply as possible while trying to figure out what's going on with the reflections.

Both models are set Cook-Torrance with a planar Specular Reflectivity of around 20%:

It caught my attention that whenever I increase or decrease the Specular reflectivity, the preview on the left does not change.

I'm using the diffuse, normal and specular maps for the corridor and just the diffuse map for the floor, as that's what FilmSensei does in his tutorial. All JPG's textures are the ones included in Andrew's pack.

If I set a regular Hitfilm 3D plane and enable receives reflections, it behaves as expected and shows itself like a mirror.:

What am I missing? I'd go ahead with the 3D plane but as it doesn't have the ability to occlude with the corridor, I'm trying to figure out what's going on here :)



  • FilmSensei
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    I too have had challenges replicating this tutorial in newer versions of HitFilm. Something has changed in HitFilm since I made the tutorial. Using a 3D Plane to produce reflections, make sure it is black, put it above the floor model in the layer stack, set the Blend Mode to Add, and dial down the Specular Reflectivity until you are happy with the look.

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    Thank you @FilmSensei, yeah that's what I thought, it seems something changed between the Hitfilm version you were using and today's HF 16. Regarding the 3D plane, the workaround seems really decent, you are always on point :)