World Meet Up Day!

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Blender Nation is hosting a Blender "World Meet Up Day."

Apparently, there will be 18+ hours of Blender talks on tools, techniques, projects. The event will include sessions from Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Nigeria, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, USA, and more. You can watch the event streamed live on their Youtube Channel. Here is the website for more information...

My question for HitFilm forum users:

  • Would something like this be of interest to the HitFilm User Community?

I personally feel that 18+ hours is way too much, but a world-wide live stream get together of HitFilm users including interviews, presentations, Q&As, etc... sounds like it might be really cool.

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions, ideas?


  • Stargazer54
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    Interesting idea, Jay! Would probably need some buy in and support from FXHome to pull it off. I kind of see something like a mini-convention with speakers, presentations and round tables. Moderating and managing would be a pretty big job, though.

    Could model it after Siggraph - presentation rooms, submissions to the "electronic theater", a trade show of sorts with software demonstrations, break out rooms, or meet ups in the "lobby". The capper could be the electronic theater show a the end.

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    @Stargazer54 These are some great ideas.

    My thought is... Almost every big event that has ever happened started small. Maybe something fairly basic and easy to pull off would be the best thing to do for the first run. Then, if it seems that there would be a greater interest, it could grow from there. What we don't want to do is "bite off more than we can chew" and then have a really crappy event. That would kill it for sure. There is no doubt that there would need to be some buy in and support from FXHome to pull it off. I would like tag @KirstieT to gauge her level of interest.

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    Unfortunately I don't have blender.

  • Stargazer54
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    @Curtis I believe this would be HitFilm/FXHome only event. Jay was just getting the idea from the Blender event.

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    @Curtis At the level you are producing, you should definitely look into some basic Blender tutorials. Blender is a powerful 3D tool and its totally free. FxHome even did a few tutorials on integrating it into Hitfilm; modeling a cargo container and even crushing it. It does have a bit of learning curve but don't be reluctant due to that. I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time if you start on it.

    Oh, they also did a superhero cape tutorial.

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    @Curtis I also don't have a blender. I used mine for crushing ice for Margaritas and it has never worked since.