Emptying the Fill Color for text?

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I seem to recall a function where Hitfilm allowed you to empty the font color as leaving it practically nell.

Not black or white, just empty.

I basically want to remove the filling of a text and add an outline instead, so viewers only see its exterior.


  • Triem23
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    Sure! When you click on the color for the text look for the field labeled "ALPHA CHANNEL" (it's below the columns for Hue/Sat/Value and R/G/B). This is the transparency. 255 is opaque, 0 is transparent, anything in between is a level of translucent.

    Then you'll want to click on the ADD OUTLINE button. Just make sure the outline has alpha above zero.

    BTW I've had some stuff come up at my end and I haven't been in the Vegas Beta Testers forum in a bit, so I apolggize I haven't said "HI!" back to you there, but I did see the greeting, Mohammed. 😁

  • Hictor
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    Thanks Mike!

    And no worries!