[ENHANCEMENT] Enhanced Management of Pre-Renders

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Currently, the management options for Pre-Renders within Hitfilm are limited to setting a custom folder, limiting the size of the pre-render folder and deleting all pre-renders.

I assume as the pre-render folder reaches set capacity (if any) the oldest pre-renders are deleted first. Probably, this works 90% of the time, but additional control might be desired - as an example, a tutorial creator might have a title sequence which is mostly the same for each episode with only a few elements changed. pre-renders might be used for many element to speed render time, but these pre-renders would be "older."

I have two basic thoughts here:

1) Could it be possible to delete pre-renders within a date range? All pre-renders between yy1/mm1/dd1 and yy2/mm2/dd2 are deleted, or even delete pre-renders older than a user-defined number/

2) Pre-renders are assigned a "random" filename and accessed by the connected project. Would it be possible for Hitfilm to create a small database/cache file that just contains a list of projects that still have pre-renders in the folder to delete pre-renders by project name? This would be particularly useful when a project has been moved off the editing computer to archive storage (external drive).

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