Hello Hitfilm Users: Questions on the Polar / Fish Eye Warp Tools

Hi everyone, 
I'm a new user and adopter of Hitfilm Ultimate 2(just bought it yesterday). After a while of researching I decided that Hitfilm is the product for me. As someone who is new to video editing/compositing I'm discovering a lot of fun things in Hitfilm but as is the case with most first-time users, I'm encountering some problems. 
I've been toying around with some of the effects and I grew particularly fond of the polar warp tool and the fish eye tool. 
I'm trying to warp my video into a sphere but I don't want the video itself to be too distorted. I want it to be easily visible  with a slight bulging effect. To paint a better picture I'm looking to make an effect that mimics convex mirrors you'd normally see in smaller stores.
I tried toying with the fisheye tool and that gave the exact effect I was looking for, but it I can't figure out a way to make the fisheye view into a full sphere. The left side and the right side of the sphere have the proper curvatures but the top and bottom ends are trimmed off into a straight line
I'm a little lost on how I can make the fisheye view into a full sphere and would appreciate any pointers on how to do this.
Also, as a side note, after applying the fish eye view effect, the background always turns black. Is there any way to get rid of the black background? Initially I thought I could turn the background green and key it out to leave the video by itself but I can't seem to change the colour at all on it. 
Thanks in advance for the assistance


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Hey, welcome to the forums!  It sounds like you might just want to use a different tool.  For example, the Sphere tool will give you a proper circle, though it does so by a slightly different type of distortion than the fisheye.  Alternately, a circular mask should sort you right out, using the bulge or fisheye effects.
    I'm not sure what you mean about the background being always black; can you clarify?  What do you want to have in the background?
  • VinPot
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    Hi Alex. 
    Thanks for suggesting masking as an option. 
    It actually worked very well for what I was looking to do. 
    Coincidentally, it solved my background issue as well. 
    Thanks again.