How to create composite of already edited clip

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I'm relatively new to hitfilm, so sorry if this is stupid.

I have a video where the audio is not synced up. Naturally, I put the video/audio combo into the hitfilm editor, unlinked them, and synced them up. I relinked them, and cut off the unnecessary beginning and end bits to get the cut that I want to edit. However, any way that I try to create a composite shot with the cut and synced clip, it just pulls the unedited, unsynced, 20 minute version from my media.

How do I create a composite shot with my clip from the timeline instead of my clip from the media folder? Do I need to export the entire thing and import the edited clip to my media? I sure hope not, that would get hellishly complicated.


  • briansmith4142
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    Hi! Don't worry, your question is not stupid at all. To create a composite shot with your edited clip from the timeline, you need to "export the cut" before you can use it in a composite shot. To do this, go to the "Export" option in the File menu, select the portion of the timeline you want to export, and choose a format and destination for the exported file. Then, import the exported file into HitFilm as a new clip and use it in your composite shot. This way, you can avoid the complicated process of importing the entire 20-minute clip into the media folder.

  • Triem23
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    @briansmith4142 or right click the clip and select "Make Composite Shot."

    Only works on single clips.