Edge of Tomorrow - Behind The Scenes

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In the age of CGI heavy movies it is nice to see that Edge of Tomorrow went classic prop construction.  From the big Mech suits to a lot of the additional stuff on the battle field... They did practical effects galore.


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    Edge of Tomorrow was an absolutely fantastic movie with great performances, really innovative and practical VFX in many places, and a directorial style and tone that hit a lot of different emotional and genre beats. Really criminally-underrated movie, wish it did much better at the box office than it did.
    These b-roll shots and footage only further that assertion. That, and seeing- as I've always known and is demonstrated in numerous other movies- Tom Cruise discuss and work through the actual mechanics of action and fight scenes, discussing with the director why choreography would be the way it is, and figuring out the context and believability, really speaks to how completely dedicated he is to making action as good as possible.
    Tom Cruise really works for it. And there's no better example than his work in Edge of Tomorrow. Great stuff.
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    I just loved, loved loved The Edge of Tomorrow. In fact I loved it so much that I watched it three times at the cinema - all in IMAX 3D and once with French subtitles when I was in Paris. Must have cost me about £60 and I haven't even bought the DVD yet!
    Thanks for sharing the link - I'm so interested in any prop construction they used. 
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     Yes, while Gurdians of the Galaxy might be my favourite because of my bias towards fun space operas, this is probably going to be my highest rated films of the year. Liman really surprised me because I thought Jumper was a terrible mess. 

    The movie is just really technically impressive. The editing is perfect the whole way though and Cruise and Blunt are fantastic. I can't imagine the headache that was shooting the film and getting all the little details right without already having seen a rough cut to ensure all the small story beats worked. Also really impressed that they actually made a film where “exo”-suits actually functioned as mech suits, instead of the normal Elysium-way where it just looks like a an actor struggling around in a heavy costume (as you can see in the b-roll wirework had to be used).

    I caught up on the “rate the last film you saw” thread and a lot of hitfilmers said the ending was confusing. Here's the explanation:

    The alien is a collective which has a central brain called The Omega, “nerves” called Alphas, and “limbs/claws” called drones. The Omega can turn back time (I'll get into that). It does this when an Alpha is killed. The first day on the beach Cruise kills an Alpha and is soaked in its blood. The Omega turns back time, but now Cruise had become the Alpha (so apparently the blood is the source of the power). You never see that same Alpha on the beach again. If Cruise were to kill another Alpha it might reset the system which is why he kills himself when he comes face to face with an Alpha (in an ambush the Omega set up at the dam to try to remove the power from Cruise).

    From what we see in the film the Omega doesn’t remember/learn anything from all the times Cruise dies so in that sense he is not a “real” Alpha in the alien collective. When Cruise wakes up he wakes up 24h before the time he killed the Alpha the first time.


    At the end of the film instead of waiting for the invasion Cruise and co. leave Heathrow the night before to go to Paris. At this point Cruise has lost his power. They manage to get to the Omega without killing the Alpha (which would have reset the day and only the Omega/Alpha would remember). Cruise detonates grenades in the Omega mortally wounding it and then gets submerged in its blood. The Omega resets the day. But the Omega is the centre of the reset. The Omega is the time traveller. So even though the day was reset for everyone else the Omega is still dying and dies. Cruise wakes up 24h before he killed the Omega which is several hours before he previously woke up because he killed the Omega several hours earlier than he originally killed the Alpha on the beach. 

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    Oh i got the ending, i just felt it was soft.  Imagine ground hogs day just resetting at the end.

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    This, Guardians and Godzilla have made it a pretty amazing year for scifi. All three of them are in my all-time favourites list, to varying degrees. And then you have Winter Soldier as well, which was a really surprisingly solid thriller (particularly its first half), and I've not even seen Days of Future Past yet.

    The quality of genre movies these days is off the scale compared to the dreck we had to put up with in the 90s and early 2000s.

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    Simon, whoa. You haven't seen Days of Future Past? What about Dawn of The Planet of The Apes?

    If you've missed both, you've missed the two best of that bunch. 

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    Yep, not seen Apes either. Hugely looking forward to both! I'm doing better than last year, though, when I only managed to see about 1 movie in the cinema. :) </got a baby>

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    You can miss apes, it was good but not a sin to miss.  DoFP though... im a little surprised

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