Lo-Fi effects - Old School

faulkner Posts: 19 Just Starting Out*

So I love all the tutorials for HitFilm and how it is even used for major productions.

But today I saw the latest video from pop artist Annie "St. Vincent," and it's a 70's pastiche with some late 60's effects (from movies like The Trip) thrown in. It's got some old school rotoscoping, some kaleidoscope effects, some "frame blurs" for lack of a better term. I'd love to get a breakdown of the several effects used in this video and ways to recreate them in Hitfilm. Video below... There could even be an entire "Lo-Fi" tutorial covering old school effects like the original Star Trek transporter, sixties style, etc. I mean, particle sims and 3d compositing are cool and all, but check this out... This editor was having too much fun old-school style.

It starts with some pretty basic mask vignetting with a kaleidoscopic effect - any way to create a kaleidoscope with existing footage in Hitfilm? Then at 0:58 and 2:22 there is an additive dissolve to an overexposed high-contrast closeup with some color washes... I think I saw this on the Electric Company when I was a kid. What's the process for that? And how do they do the "frame blurs" at 1:17? Separate tracks stretched differently at different opacities I'm betting. Lots of practical lighting effects inbetween. An homage to classic Bowie or Queen videos. So many layers.

Whether you want to delve into the How-To or not, check it out for fun. I sure enjoyed it.