I have a minute long video that I want to stretch to 1 hour

blainullrich Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

Is it possible in HitFilm Express to take a short video and stretch it (or loop it) for 1 hour (or a specified amount of time)?

I don't want to just loop it. I want it to end at a set time.

Do I just have to copy it over and over and over or is there a quick way to do this?

Does audio work the same way? If I want to stretch a short audio clip to a set time...

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • CasualScrub
    CasualScrub Posts: 11 Just Starting Out*

    Here's what I would recommend: when you first create your project file, set it's duration to be 1 hour long

    Then, your editing timeline should be exactly 1 hour in length. You can then copy and paste your video over and over until it fills up the length of 1 hour.

    If you copy and paste too much it will actually extend your editing timeline beyond 1 hour, but the out point should remain at the 1 hour mark, so just export using in-to-out area instead of contents.

    Hope this helps!