[FEATURE] Timecode panel.

mabdelbary Posts: 159 Enthusiast

timecode panel (not the effect) that we can place in the workspace (as a window) that shows the following:

-master clip duration.

-duration of the current clip.

-in to out duration.



  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,693 Ambassador

    This could be done as infotext near the existing pixel position display, or elsewhere. Vegas Pro does something similar at the bottom right of the Timeline.

  • mabdelbary
    mabdelbary Posts: 159 Enthusiast

    Thanks for your feedback, I meant to keep it as a separate panel (like avid media composer or premiere), this panel can be placed near to the viewer with the 3 timers that I mentioned previously, so it will be easier to know where I am at during editing.

    Thanks again!!