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I hope there's someone who can help with with a very frustrating issue. I've been using HitFilm for 3 years, and never had any probem with. Today I started a new project, and wanted to import several jpg files. The import was done, but the jpgs were imported not as images but as videos, and I just don't understand why. There are some pictures which I used before for other projects, and back than those were just simply imported as pictures, everything was fine. But now when I do the import with the same pictures, then they are imported as videos (duration: 0,13sec and 25 or fps). More strange: there are some jpg images which are imported normally, but only 10%. The rest are videos. I've already reinstalled the program 3 times, but the issue remained. Does anybody got any idea how to fix this?

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    Hitfilm 15 or 16 slightly changed how Images are imported. What's happened is changes were made to make it easier to import image sequences. A side effect of this is it's become easier to accidentally import an image sequence instead of a series of individual actions.

    An "IMAGE SEQUENCE" is importing a bunch of images and treating them as a video clip. This is often a desired behavior - think of importing a time lapse shot with a DSLR for example. Image sequences are usually a series of images in the same folder with identical file names with a incremental counter. I.e, "Image_2467, Image_2468, etc" or "DSC_20210226_121314, DSC_20210226_121315" etc.

    Bear in mind that Hitfilm is not glitching and this is not a bug. The devs just changed the way a function works in such a way that it's become problematic for some users.

    So... Go into the File menu at the top of the Hitfilm interface. Drop the menu down and click "Options." then look for the "Prompts and Warnings" tab. RECHECK "Prompt me when importing an image from an image sequence." This prompt will, when opening files with sequential file names, ask you if it's an image sequence or series of individual images.

    Incidentally this prompt is set to on by default. Therefore, the first time you ever saw that prompt you clicked the "do not show this to me again" button then clicked an option. That's fine, most people disable most prompts. By disabling the prompt, you defined the default handling behavior that Hitfilm uses, then removed the prompt to pick the other option. Don't turn this particular prompt off again in the future. (Actually the majority of Hitfilm's prompts should be left on. The ones that can always be turned off will almost never come up, but many of these prompts define default behaviors in Hitfilm and, if the prompt is dismissed, the prompt has to be turned back on to redefine the default action.

    Anyways, I'm sure the change of behavior has been frustrating after being used to another method for several years. Hope this clarifies things.

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    @nistelrooy I made this quick little video a week or so ago for someone else having the issue. Hope it helps.