[ENHANCEMENT] Disable global MSAA/anti-aliasing

Triem23 Posts: 20,415 Power User

In the Project Settings render tab it would be nice to have a 2x anti-aliasing setting and a "DISABLED" setting.

For photographic/video work or heavy 3D model work the anti-aliasing is a benefit. For very clean mo-graph work the MSAA can make imported elements soft.


  • vanny_f
    vanny_f Posts: 79 Just Starting Out*

    Good idea Triem23. When importing images (not photos) the quality of them is quite low in Hitfilm Express compared to other tools. So Hitfilm has to try to solve this issue.

  • Jay_Tholen
    Jay_Tholen Posts: 12 Enthusiast
    edited March 2021

    I requested an ability to disable smooth image interpolation & no AA way back in 2012 because I work frequently with pixel art. Back then it would've been too difficult to implement because of the fundamental structure of Hitfilm. I'm still hoping for it as well.