[ENHANCEMENT] shortcuts customization (interface and timeline)

mabdelbary Posts: 159 Enthusiast
edited July 2021 in HitFilm

Customizable shortcuts for the timeline to go directly to (position, rotation, opacity...etc.). for example:

U / UU Reveal all keyframes on the selected layer. (already there)

However, I would like when I press U/UU to show only the selected layer(s), because it is more convenient to see only the layer(s) I am working on, this is a big time saving.

In the current version, each time I press U / UU, it opens everything and I have to close them one by one to see the layer that I am only working on (the selected layer), therefore, I asked for this modification to save more time.

I would like to add also:

P= reveals position, S= scale, R=rotation, T=opacity, M= Masks.

Also, I would like to add the ability to customize clicking on the middle mouse button to use it as a hand tool instead of right click button.