What specs to upgrade for faster export or to allow me to play and record while Hitfilm exports??

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I've accepted that exporting videos is just a hard task for video editing programs. I noticed that even Adobe Premiere Pro has long export times as well.

I use Hitfilm to edit gaming videos that I make on the same computer that I play my games on. Since exports take 2 hours - 2 days (literally), what specs should I try to upgrade on my PC so I can at least play and record more gameplay while videos are being exported?

Thanks in advanced!

Gaming PC Specs:

Processor: Intel Core i3-9100F CPU @ 3.600GHz

Ram: 16GB

Graphics: AMD Radeon Rx 570 4GB




  • Triem23
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    What's your budget? Do you do more editing of videos or do you do more animation and VFX?

    For basic improvement of video handling you'd benefit more from a CPU upgrade. Something like an i7 or Ryzen 7/9.

    For VFX work, updating your GPU is the way to go.

  • Stargazer54
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    Just to tag on - if you are just exporting a video layer (or two) then you will be relying on your CPU for encoding. A faster CPU would be the goal. But once you start adding effects (compositing) then there is more reliance on the GPU. That said, exporting will tax the CPU in either case. Other factors can come into play such as I/O speeds on the mobo to read/write the file(s). This can be improved on by reading source files from one drive and writing the output to a different drive. Obviously SSD is going to be faster than spinning disk. But avoid reading & writing to the same drive if possible.

  • rashawnmccraney
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    My budget is around $200 at the moment. I could afford to get an Intel Core i5 processor right now, however I'm not sure that that would help? Do I need more cores than the current 4 I have (like an i7 that has 8 cores) or just a stronger CPU in general?

    And at the moment I am doing very basic editing, adding in a subscribe popup every so often in videos, I have my logos in the video and that's it. Currently no effects are being added tho I plan to in the future. I really appreciate your response!

  • rashawnmccraney
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    I made an earlier post about this, I read that when the videos are being exported you should have a separate disk for reading and one for writing. If I had to choose right now, which is more important? Having a second SSD card, or upgrading my CPU?

    At the moment I am doing very basic editing with no effects, I do plan to add effects in the future but whatever upgrades I can make right now to allow me to continue filming content while videos are exporting is the most important to me. I tried starting Phasmophobia on my computer while running OBS and recording both the gameplay and myself and the CPU was already maxed out with everything running (including the video being exported in Hitfilm).

  • Stargazer54
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    Best case is to upgrade everything, but a faster CPU will help with encoding. However incremental steps in performance are directly related to budget. So if you can only afford a slighter better CPU you will only see marginal gains without upgrading other components. I would recommend running Task Manager, click the Performance tab and see if you can spot any bottlenecks there. At least that will be another data point in deciding where to put your money.

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    Um...playinh a game that has a minimum requirement of a 4G GPU, capturing the play and rendering a video from Hitfilm...all at the same time?

    Going to need another PC...200$ won't help anything.