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I've been frustrated trying to figure out how to do a few things. Can someone provide me some advice or help? I apologize if these are stupid questions that I should know but I'm pretty new to the video editing gig.

  1. I was trying to create a magnification effect in just a small circle for a Call of Duty video, to show a snipe that happened but man, I simply could not get it to work right. It wouldn't let me control where the magnification effect would be centered or located. :( I just gave up trying to figure it out.
  2. I had wanted to have a lightning effect show up about partway through a clip but not at first. I couldn't figure out how to do that. Should I have just razer cut the clip and started the effect at the new segment? Is that how you would do that?

Also, how do I remove the audio portion of a video that I'm editing? When I try to delete audio track it deletes the video too. :(

Thanks for any help!!


  • Wytefang
    Wytefang Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

    Detailed steps would be more appreciated than simple generic instructions. I usually learn from video tutorials but I could not find any good ones for these that were current. :(

  • tomkane18
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    Right-click the audio or video portion of the clip and choose Unlink. Then you can click on the audio and delete it separate from the video.

  • Wytefang
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    Thank you, TomKane18!

  • premiere_studios
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    @Wytefang For number 1 I'm not sure what magnification effect you are talking about but if you make your video into a composite shot duplicate the footage layer and draw a mask (the rectangle tool in the left side of your viewer window, click and hold for more shapes) around your desired area and in the transform properties adjust the scale of the layer

    2 In the "Lightning and Electricity" effect there are a few values you can animate to do what you want or you could slice, 1 in the "Trunks" value you can have it at 0 one frame before you want the lightning and click on the circle to the left skip ahead 1 frame and set the number (ie. 1, 2,3) this will animate the property you can also do this with the start or end "Growth" property

    and lastly if you right click on the video or audio in the editor you can click on "unlink" and you will be able to delete the audio

  • Wytefang
    Wytefang Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

    Thank you, Premiere Studios. I mostly understood the directions for Question #1. I will try that.