Project replacing the mp4 of itself made it forget to save?

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Hello! I've got a problem with a project I was working on which decided to vanish.

I will go into detail incase my history of actions could be at fault.

I had finished my work on a project and exported it as an mp4 into a folder. After that, I went out of the project and created a new project where I would do more work on the video. This is where Hitfilm asked me if I would like to save my project, which I did. I named it the same as the mp4 file, and let it be saved in the same folder too. When pressed save, it asked me if I wanted to replace the mp4 I had saved with the project. I instantly accepted this by instinct. This wasn't what I meant to do but I did not realize this until I opened the new project and got an error on my mp4 file that it couldn't be loaded. I tried to play it outside of Hitfilm and it wouldn't play there either. like Hitfilm never saved My only choice left was to try exporting it again through the project file I had saved. But where did it go? It seems a project file, as it failed to do so by trying to replace the mp4 file of itself that had the same name.

There was nothing to find in the Autosave folder, and no questions about recovery when I restarted Hitfilm, which leaves me empty handed with solutions. Perhaps I could get some help on this situation? Or maybe someone has experienced the same problem?


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    Not sure how HF would write over an MP4 file with project file. The extensions are different. HF project files have the extension of .hfp and MP4 files are .mp4.

    Also, never rely on Auto-Save. Save incremental copies of your work manually as you go - file001, file002, file003, etc. That way you always have a previous version to go back to.

    FYI, the AutoSave settings are under File, Options, Auto Save. There you can toggle on and off Auto Save, set the Frequency of saves and change the default directory. Assuming you hadn't changed the default your auto-saves should be in C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\FXHOME\HitFilm Express\AutoSave