The Knitscher-Video-Thread (short videos for instrumental music ).. final one: "Schlag den Arsch..."

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Hi Folks,

I dare to post some Video-Clips for my recent instrumental musical work: "Knitscher"

This is all about old school scifi, horror sound probably - I don't know. Comprovisations were the initialisation..

Not for everyone!

First to say: I'm a musician / composer who discovered Hitfilm some time ago and decided to use it for my music-video-clips - as it seems to fit perfectly for this task.

I personally don't care much for StarWars and using laser-swords, right now (no offence meant here)...but this does not mean I won't value all the tutorials and stuff for this!! Hitfilm is absolutely great to do some motion graphics for my music. Therefore I did all the clips with it.

Feedback is welcome!

Btw. I'm learning and what I did is not that perfect, but I think it got better partly. Please bear in mind, that music comes first for me and the videos were made to comment the music. So it's sometimes a bit grungy as the music is. And yes, I abused Hitfilm for own tasks.

First one: