What's your biggest "Video Time/ Export time" difference you ever had?

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I'm curious. 😅

Right now I'm exporting a 10 seconds video and it's expected to take 28 hours (I'm at 20 hours right now).

I guess too many 3D objects and also, the neon glow effect are basically the reason (plus the other effects) 😁

Then I'm thinking, is there a setting in the preferences that could've speed this up?


  • Triem23
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    20 second shot that took 68 hours to render...

    In Disney's "Frozen," during "Let it Go" there's a shot that took 178 computer-hours per FRAME.

    There aren't really any magic "speed my render settings in Preferences." There are settings to adjust but they balance speed for quality. 8-bit renders faster than 16 or 32 bit color modes, but 8-bit looks pretty meh on glows. You can turn down texture, shadow and reflection maps in the Project settings, but this will impact the quality.

    Complex shots just take render time.

  • premiere_studios
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    My longest was about 13 hours for a 30 second comp exporting the 3d Scene for my Marvel Logo, Thank you @ZachAlan, but everything else is pretty fast (glows increase render time in my experience)

  • Stargazer54
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    That's why it's called Rendering and not Real Time. Rendering takes time. The more stuff you put in the cake the longer it takes to bake. Oh and lets not talk about how many pixels you have to count if you're rendering HD vs UHD. More pixels = more time.

    But yeah, I've had projects that took 30 min to an hour per frame back in the day and that was Standard Def.

  • digitalbaruch
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    I haven't made anything approaching any of that. So what do yall do during that time? Can you open another project while another is exporting?

  • Stargazer54
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    @digitalbaruch Unfortunately you cannot run more than one instance of HF at a time (wish you could). And that would be a good thing to post on the Feature Request section https://community.fxhome.com/categories/feature-requests

    But . . . you can minimize HF while it is rendering and use other programs, read you email, surf the net, etc. The main thing is to plan to run the render during times you are going to be off doing something else - go to lunch, take a walk, run it overnight, etc. Just time management.

  • RikVargard
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    Oh well 😂 Looks like my case hasn't been the worst out there.... and my apartment is so shiny right now 😅

    And yes neon glow is an instant ram eater😁