[Feature] Composite Shot auto RAM Cache (Added as "Timeline Cache" in HF 2021.2)

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How it would work:

When you modify a composite shot, frames in the RAM cache are not automatically erased and are reused if you undo the change or restore the previous state of the composite shot. The oldest frames in the RAM cache are erased when the RAM cache is full and Hitfilm needs to cache new frames


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    I did a slight rewrite on your headline, only because you initially said "Global" (which would apply to everything, Editor and Comp alike), but you described something for a Comp Shot specifically.

    Only issue with a RAM cache is many users have small amounts of RAM. My most recent machine has 32 GB with 8GB dedicated to RAM caching... Plenty of users have 8GB total, thus maybe only 1 or 2GB available to RAM cache.

    Now, a RAM preview of a 1920x1080 24p shot gives me about 20 seconds. My current project is a 35 second animation. Obviously there will never ever be enough RAM set aside in my current configuration to ever store the entire shot. Basically your proposal guarantees Hitfilm is constantly writing to the RAM cache and stealing away processor cycles. There's a reason pretty much every caching system in any NLE is drive-based.

    I'd suggest an alternative request for drive caching.

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