[ENHANCEMENT] Don't Create an Audio Track for a Composite Shot if it Didn't Have One to Begin With

sacrosaunt Posts: 4 Just Starting Out

It's annoying to constantly delete the audio track for a composite shot when the original clip doesn't have audio, meaning I deleted the audio track for the clip, and its annoying to have to delete it again when I convert the clip into a composite shot


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,693 Ambassador

    @sacrosaunt Agreed it would be nice.

    That said, if you hold down the ALT key while dragging media from the media bin to the editor, dragging to a video track adds only vieo data, dragging to an audio track adds only audio data, so ALT-dragging your comp from Media Bin to Editor Timeline means you won't have to delete empty audio data.