How to make still images not look like a slide show

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I've opened myself up to helping a buddy of mine produce a YouTube video from a bunch of still images.


My goal is to use the still images into some flashy disassemble and reassemble of an Jaguar V12 engine video.

The photos are loosely (very loosely) taken from the same angle and position; so the images can be overlaid one on top of the other to look as if the bits are disappearing one by one.

My first edit comprised of (a series of composite shots) stacking the images and pealing the layers one at a time. end result - slide show. Not exactly the look I'm going for.

I tried creating 3D planes and shuffling the camera around. It didn't work like I was expecting. Either I'm not doing it right, or it isn't going to work.

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What are some compositing transitions I should look into to?

or Any tips on how to turn a series of still images into something worth watching?

Thank you in advance