Video output skips after every 3rd frame

tnaz Posts: 6 Just Starting Out

So, I've been having this problem with HitFilm Express 16, whenever I export or view my video in the timeline it creates a "blinking" effect. But, the original source footage has nothing like it. The blinking also seems to have been every 3 frames (The video was recorded at 30fps). The audio had no such effect. I have updated my NVIDIA drivers and re-exported using a different project yet the blinking is still there.

The WORST part is, the video only started blinking roughly 30 mins into the recording. 

While editing, I also decided to import a clip of one of my friends. He uses h.264 to record while I use h.265. I feel like this is a problem with HitFilm’s new h.265 support.

The full details of what I use for recording are: CQP encoded with H.265 encapsulated in .mp4 recorded using what OBS says is the AMD Advanced Media Framework encoder option. And of course, HitFilm Express 16 has not had any problems up until now

Is there a way I could fix this?

Especially since this is specifically a HitFilm issue because next up is two clips: one is cut using lossless-cut and the other, HitFilm.

Please Help!