How to get a Wider Frame in CamTrackAR? Possible additions... shooting outside?

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Hi folks,

So i'm running my first tests with CamTrackAR (I'm a little late to the party, I know) on a dual-lens iPhone 11. The tracking is great, but I'm confused why the aspect ratio on the footage it captures is such a low aspect ratio. Opening up the CamTrackAR footage in Quicktime player and checking the frame size returns a frame of 1920x1440. Obviously I can crop my footage down to 1080, but is there any way to configure a WYSIWYG frame reference into the app itself? Does the taller frame allow CamTrackAR to capture more tracking information (makes sense)?

This would be on my list of future additions, if not. Some other possible additions: More image control capabilities (White Balance, ISO, etc), something like Filmmic's LOG profile, or at least a couple different options for different conditions.

Lastly, I know Javer mentions in his introduction to the app that it works best indoors. Any more "best practice" tips for shooting outside besides looking for planes?

Thanks so much guys. You do so much to move the entire software and film industry forward every day. The app is already amazing, just spitballing here.


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    I see the Aspect Ratio question was already answered in this thread:

    And the version I have also allows me to select a 30fps frame rate, so you've clearly already made some additions.

    Just to expand on the WYSIWYG idea, on film sets about 20 years ago every DP would have black tape on their monitor showing different aspect ratios for different formats. Then digital overlays and view switching came in. It would be great to be able to see different ratios within the app viewer window, even if the camera still captured every pixel in terms of the outputted file and the tracking data. We'll always be able to crop to the desired ratio within Hitfilm (or any other worthwhile editing program). Maybe there could even be an output file saying where the top-of-the-frame of the desired shot as composed in the viewer was, just to aid in making cropping/positioning choices in post.

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    Or at least a box Overlay of varied aspect ratios. 2.4, 2.35, 1.85, 1.76, 1.33 and 1:1 should cover everything (of course the default is 1.33).