Light rays emitting from face of object?

Hi guys,
I don't post a lot but I have a question about lighting.
In this tutorial from Video Copilot ( there is an example of a cell phone whose screen appears to emit light rays.
I've seen Simon's tutorial on volumetric lighting and have attempted that but it is not the effect I want and it's difficult to achieve with a transparent PNG that I'm using for my logo.  With volumetric lighting I guess I'm limited to the amount of visible light leaking through spaces of which there are none in the PNG.  (There is only blank space around the edges - the logo is relatively solid.)
When practicing with some 3D extruded text I almost got the effect that I am looking for, but only if the lit faces of the text are at certain angles to the camera.  If I put the camera behind the text, I see the rays as well but they are showing from the darkened back side of the text instead of the face.
Is there any way to get lighting to emit from the face of the text or the logo itself in 3D space as opposed to always coming towards the camera, or is there a way to do it at all?
Some of these things are really new to me so please be gentle.


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    Anybody?  Four days and no help?
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    I havent had a chance to check out that tutorial, but these should help:
    Volumetric light:
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    I haven't been able to get on my computer for a few days, however, observations:
    Kramer's tutorial is using a Radial Blur to drive the rays. In Hitfilm, you would use the Zoom Blur. Simon's tutorial uses Light Rays, which is an effect designed to throw light towards the camera.
    They are both 2D effects that can accept a 3D point as a source, but both are basically maniplulating existing pixels. It sounds like you want rays to push deeper into frame, maybe from something the camera can't see? I don't think either light rays or zoom blur can do it. Try putting the center point for light rays or blur BEHIND the camera. That would be how to do it.