Green Screen optimisation for Dashware gauges

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Hi folks,

My first post and question here. I'm very much a newbie and so bear with me if I'm not asking the right questions.

I'm putting gauges onto gopro POV mtb footage.

This is the dashware tutorial

If I just do the whole process in Dashware then I get this result

If I go through the green screen process and combine the 2 video tracks in Hitfilm I get this

The smaller text is noticeably less distinct, unreadable. My question is - is there a way of improving this outcome?

I'm assuming some sort of colour bleed in the processing. Is it possible to make it more precise?

The hex code for the green background is #FF00B13F (I used the first answer google came up with for this)

As shown in the screen shot below I'm using the Colour Difference Key effect with default settings

Thanks in advance for any help



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    Try the Hue & RGB Key and use the eye-dropper to select the green in your footage. With chroma keying, you want to use the minimum necessary values to remove your background, otherwise you will lose detail in the footage. Since your green screen is computer generated, you shouldn’t really need to deal with spill, color bleed, uneven lighting, etc.

    This tutorial talks in-depth about keying in HitFilm Express.

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    Hmmm, interesting. Thats helped a lot thanks.

    I think the problem is each stage of processing is causing distortion due to compression. I'm not exactly sure but exporting the greenscreen file as a mp4 1080 file must be making some of the white a bit green.

    Are there any ways to solve this?

    e.g. I can export the gauges into a folder as .png files (30fps) with a transparent background. Would this process more neatly in Hitfilm Express?

    Dashware only works up to 1080. I'm wondering what the different effects will be if using higher resolution (4K) video

    I have beefed up some of the very fine text in the template as a way of reducing the problem a bit

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    Ok just did a test on the Image Sequence Export from Dashware and Import into Hitfilm. Gauge image quality is a million times better in the video

    Exporting the Gauge Image Sequence is a bit slower but the workflow is much neater overall plus, of course, the resulting quality is significantly improved.

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    Ohh yeah... I was gonna ask if that software had any other export methods... image sequences make a huge difference. Glad you found that method!