[ENHANCEMENT] Font option in timecode effect

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Choosing a font in the text options would allow a more personalization of the timecode effect



  • WaryOfIt
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    I would like to see this option added for TIMECODE as well (choose the FONT and its characteristics), and a few others as well.

    I do sports videos and use the TIMECODE for game clocks. I appreciate that it exists at all, but I end up having to mask out hours, milliseconds, etc., the font style is clunky, as are leading zeros on minutes.

    So, in addition to the FONT, the other TIMECODE options I would like to see are:

    FORMAT: option to set a custom format string, like M:SS, or M:SS.Z, which would display 9:59, or 9:59.9 respectively, instead of 09:59:999.

    BACKGROUND: set the size of the background in relation to the text.

    TIME FROM: add option to set the time start value. This offset would just be added to the Layer or Timeline value.

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