Hitfilm Express only using GPU to Render

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Hello everyone, i am using a ryzen 7 3800x , 2x 8GB of 3000mhz ddr4 memory and a gtx 1060 gb and i am currently rendering a Project and its only using my GPU to render.

How can i fix this?

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    You don't "fix this."

    Hitfilm uses the GPU for all rendering and effects. The CPU basically only grabs source frames from media files, calculates particle physics and writes rendered frames to the output file.

    1% SSD usage, 13% CPU usage and 90% GPU usage is pretty optimal, actually. Looks like one CPU thread is grabbing and writing frames while the GPU does its thing...

    100% GPU use would be... Not "bad," but showing you have heavy enough effects where the CPU is idling, waiting for frames to render.

    You're seeing what you should see.