Can someone edit my homevideo for me? (for payment)

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Hi, I've got a collection of approx 150 clips. 3-5 seconds long with a music track that I have in hit film express. I would like the clips all sped up to be in time with the music and the video generally edited to look smooth.

The clips are all short shots I've filmed on my phone showing what I do at work, like a 'day in the life of video' shot in point of view (I'm a multi drop delivery driver in the UK) .

I would like the film to be 3-5 minutes long. Would anyone be interested in editing the video for me? my laptop doesn't run hitfilm that will and I'm not great with tech so am struggling with the editing (I have managed to get the clips and music into hitfilm).

Looking to pay £25 if anyone is interested in helping?


  • Andy001z
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    That's a fair bit of work for £25 you night struggle. I've suggestion is there are some great apps that can do this really quickly. One you export the edit as a video you can always bring into Hitfilm express to add any little touches. Go pro used to have a great app.