[FEATURE] 3d Camera Tracking Solution in Hitfilm Express

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I edit gaming montages on Hitfilm Express at a good level and I would like to improve my edits by adding some texts and stuff all over my scene.

When it comes to apply something on a wall, it's pretty easy, but when I have only one point to track or almost none it seems to be something impossible to do.

In my opinion, FXHOME should add a free alternative to The Foundry 3d Camera Tracker. For Example a Blender-like feature would be good: at least 8 points to be tracked to solve the camera and create a scene. It would be surely not be perfect but very similar to the PRO feature.

P.S. CamTrackAR wouldn't be a solution since you can't use it to track a gameplay.

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  • Vorrior
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    Why can't you use mocha add on? I know it's planear rather than point tracker, but it is possible to create 3D camera solve for some basics scenes.

    Don't get me wrong, i'd love to see free alternative for Foundry Tracker in Express, but i think it's impossible due to this is one of the biggest differences between express and pro version that helps to sell this second one.

    Better idea will be if Foundry Tracker will be add-on, similar like mocha.

  • Triem23
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    @Vorrior @Fiammifero

    As Vorrior says, Mocha Hitfilm is the camera tracking add-on for Express.

    Vorrior, FXHOME CEO Josh Davies discussed Foundry as an add-on for Express. Chances are slim. Foundry has not decided to license their tracker for Express. It's just not FXHOME's call.

    Fiam I doubt we'll get a built-in 3D tracker anytime soon. Doing this would basically invalidate the deal with Foundry. Once FXHOME makes a deal with not one, but TWO third-party vendors for tracking solutions the odds of FXHOME diverting internal resources to a THIRD solution become miniscule.

    Now, Blender is (as you've noted) another free solution for tracking and FXHOME has released a Blender to Hitfilm script to transfer camera (and other) data.

    Or @spydurhank has his Filmer build - Blender with optimized Hitfilm export, speed enhancement and more.

    For the moment your options are Mocha Hitfilm, or tracking in Blender using the FXHOME Blender script or Filmer to transfer the data.

  • TechnicallyCode
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    I would find it really useful if there was a 3D Text track option in which you can add 4 points and the text aligns to them, and it would track forward/backwards.

    This would really be useful for tracking text to walls, surfaces or the camera moving past text.

    Also, it could be a 4 point track on its own so a green screen or blue screen could track 4 points on it.

    Many thanks,


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    @TechnicallyCode I've merged your thread with an earlier one with basically the same request - you both want 3 or 4 point tracking solutions to track things to walls.

    Make sure to Vote Up at the top of this thread.

    While not as quick as what you're asking for, you can track four single points and apply those to the corners of a Quad Warp effect, so Hitfilm CAN do what you want - but, yes, a 3 or 4 point tracker would be easier.

    That said, read my post directly above yours in this thread for why I think it unlikely FXHOME will do this. "Unlikely" doesn't mean they won't. It wouldn't be the first time I speculated FXHOME wouldn't do a thing only for FXHOME to do the thing, so definitely Vote Up. 👍

  • TechnicallyCode
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    Oh sorry, I looked but didn't find anything to do with what I wanted 😂. Obviously didn't look hard enough

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    I remember a tutorial that shows how to attach text to walls. Maybe this is something you could use.

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    @TechnicallyCode 300 Feature Request threads to check and there are often different names for the same thing. No biggie. 👍

  • TechnicallyCode
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    Yeah I saw, I thought it would be easier with 4 tracking points to do it


    Thanks though!

  • Georgefilm
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    In my opinion, this would be amazing, but FXhome probably wouldn't add this to Express, because it is a most used feature that can get them money by transfers to Pro.

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    face tracker The function request

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    @zhengyi138 I merged your thread with an earlier one making the same request (3D tracking is 3D tracking).

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