Videocopilot Saber - attach to points

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I hope I am missing something obvious here. I want to create a VCP Saber effect, attached at each end to 2 points in 3D space.

I have got past the quirky behaviour of selecting a core type and preset thanks to another post, and I now have the settings for "Core Start" and "Core End" with a Core Type of "Saber". But is there any way to attach the start and end to point layers? And can it be done in 3D space? It would seem to be the basics of a saber effect.

Thanks in advance!


  • FilmSensei
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    @Batvink Unfortunately, you cannot attach the Start Point and End Points of the VCP Saber Effect to Points in your Composite Shot like you can with the Lightsword 2-Point Auto. The only workaround is to copy the data directly into the Saber Effect itself. Sorry!

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    @FilmSensei thanks for the response. I found a workaround which works well :)

    1. Create the saber effect on a plane in it's own composite shot
    2. Add to your scene and set to 3D
    3. Add the quad warp effect
    4. Attach the corners of the quad warp to the points you want to follow. Offset them slightly so that the plane retains its shape
    5. For an additional 3D dimension, duplicate the saber composite and rotate 90 degrees, this makes it visible from all angles.

    Quad warp effect added, offset the points to keep the plane dimensions, add a second saber composite rotated 90 degrees...

  • FilmSensei
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    @Batvink Interesting! I will have to play around with this to see how it works. Thanks!