Problems with Frame Rate & Export

I'm new to HitFilm & fairly new to Video in general, so go easy on me if I'm doing something stupid.
I've been editing some GoPro footage I captured a year ago at 100FPS.
Everything seems fine until I tried to export at the movie at 25fps. What I ended up with instead of a 7.5 minute  movie was a 30 minute movie.
Now I'm not the smartest BUT its pretty obvious what's happening and sure enough I got a 4x slo mo movie.
I'd used Premiere Elements in the past and the export frame rate was pretty much independent of the frame rate used to edit.
What can be done other than export at the original frame rate, which has little effect on movie quality but a big increase in file size.
For the record its MP4 level 5.1


  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,243 Staff
    Try editing your timeline properties to the framerate you want.  Put your 100fps footage onto a 25fps timeline, and you should be good to go.
  • HitFilmer173262HitFilmer173262 Website User Posts: 6
    Cool Alex
    Just done that. Weird thing the first and last frames before the titles stayed at 100fps in the editor despite changing the composite settings. Might have been because I had a transition between the titles and the first and last shots, no clue. All the others in the editor displayed the composite settings at 25.
    Anyway that's not a biggie I just changed and checked them in the editor.
    I'm exporting it now, I'll let you know either way. Many thanks for the swift reply
    P.S. Beginning to think I'm too stupid for this brilliant package :blush:
  • HitFilmer173262HitFilmer173262 Website User Posts: 6
    Ok I'll go into a little more detail as no success still getting a 30 minute video from a 7.5 minute clip
    Project setting is at 100fps.
    I've imported 2 clips at 100fps and placed these into composite shots. Frame rate for the media in the composite  shots is 100fps
    In the Editor I changed the composite Shot settings to 25fps for the clips and then exported at a 25fps setting.
    Any clues?
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,243 Staff
    It sounds like your Project settings rare still at 100fps.  The Project settings are what define the properties of the editor timeline.  If you don't want to see all 100 frames per second of your footage, then change the project settings to 25 fps, not 100 fps.
  • HitFilmer173262HitFilmer173262 Website User Posts: 6
    Hi Axel
    Its behaving rather strangely, not sure if its got a bit screwed up.
    When I change the project settings to 25fps,  I'm getting striped bars on the editor for selections for composite clip#1 and yet the composite clip#2 selections show up fine. Both composite clips have identical settings.
    When I changed the project settings to 25fps the movie became a 30 minute duration in the editor. Prior to that when having the project settings at 100fps and changing the frame rate of the clips in the editor it showed the correct length in the editor, even though it exported as 0.25 slo mo
    I'll try to export at 100 uncompressed AVI and convert to 25fps MP4 via an external convertor.
    However for my understanding, it would be useful to know what to do in future.
    The original intention was to import at 100fps as I may have wanted to include some slo mo of some of the footage so that's why I had the project settings at 100fps
    If I wanted to convert the 100fps footage to 25fps after editing and still have that footage run at the correct speed (ie not in slo mo) is the procedure to simply change the timeline properties of the clip to 25fps?
    It baffles me a bit as to why you have a selection for frame rate in export. I would expect have expected any selection in export not to interfere with the speed or time of the edited footage but simply to alter quality/file size.
    Many thanks for the useful replies its very much appreciated
  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,243 Staff
    If your footage was shot at 100fps, then it should always be imported as 100fps.  The video clip has a fixed number of frames, no matter what.  The framerate in the clip's properties will define how many of those frames display in each frame, thus controlling the playback speed of the clip.  If you reduce the framerate of the clip itself, then you are telling HitFilm to only play 25 of those frames during each second, thus reducing the speed to 25% of the original.  If you want normal speed playback, never change the framerate of the clip.
    The next point in which framerate comes in to play is the Project settings, which define how many frames display per second on the Editor.  If you want to work at 25 fps, to reduce the processing load by 75%, that's totally fine.  When you place a 100 fps clip on a 25 fps timeline, only every fourth frame will be displayed.  So the speed will be normal, and only 1 in 4 of the original frames will be displayed.  This same principle applies to the Properties of a composite shot, which also contain a framerate.  
    To keep normal speed while converting from one framerate to another, always keep the video clips at their original framerate, and set the framerate of the timeline they are in to the new framerate you desire.
  • HitFilmer173262HitFilmer173262 Website User Posts: 6
    Axel many thanks and with your invaluable help and explanations I solved it.
    Rules for me are
    1) Select frame rate in Project to match the frame rate of the footage
    2) Keep the frame rate in Export the same as the Project setting
    3) Reduce the frame rate in the Timeline or change the Composite Shot Frame Rate also in the Timeline. All of these are in the Editor
    I guess that Hitfilm does things slightly different to the previous packages I've been used to working with and sometimes its just not quite so obvious (to me) how to get the effect I'm trying to achieve. That said its a lot more stable than certain other packages I'll refrain form mentioning. I really mucked about a LOT with all the settings and yet once I did finally get my head around it and reset it all, it worked a treat, no work or time was lost. Convinced that my previous editor would have crashed or just stopped working if I had messed the program about 1/2 as much.
    Superb package for the money.......................I am well impressed with HitFilm and any problems I've had have always received first class attention. Hats off to the team, you have a fan
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