[Enhancement] Particle Simulator "Fluid Dynamics" Physics

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Hey there,

As we know, the built-in particle simulator is one of the most powerful effects in Hitfilm with a lot of potential. However, I wanted to ask if it is possible to add more physics to the simulation?

Specifically what I have in mind is anything similar to the 'fluid' physics in Trapcode Particular where the particles have a more organic and natural flow/behaviour.

I feel that having something like this can introduce more possibilities for the simulation, especially when resolving around Fire, Water, Smoke, etc for VFX & Motion Graphics.

I don't know if this is possible at the moment whether this would increase performance usage or if there are limitations for integrating this into the particle sim/software but I thought it would be a cool feature to at least mention.

Thanks for considering this idea!


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    @Donny_Don I added "Fluid Dynamics" to your headline for clarity. Otherwise, I had thought this was already a feature request (thought I'D made it), but, nope, you're first. So I voted up. 😊

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    @Triem23 Thanks for re-clarifying that, wasn't sure how to word it at first lol. Appreciate the upvoteπŸ˜„, really do think this is a cool feature that could exist.

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    @Donny_Don well, the Particle sim IS quite powerful, but it hasn't had an update since HF4 added grid and layer emitters. I have a couple of particle sim requests myself I need to type into request threads.

    My big request is being able to parent forces and deflectors to point layers.

    Actually, check this subforum again in about 20 min. I'll type up three request threads now. I'll bet you become first Up Vote. πŸ˜‰

    EDIT: typed them up.

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    Yes! I would like to have this fluid dynamics for interaction with 3D objects in VFX as realtime that is make more realistic in visual :)

    So instead to reinvent take this source code as Mantaflow in Hitfilm pro !


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    Ink particle simulation and paint particle simulation would be good assets to the particle system as well πŸ‘οΈ