[ENHANCEMENT] One-click mute button

MatBlanc Posts: 13 Just Starting Out*
edited February 2021 in HitFilm

Hey, it's been a long time I'm asking myself "why don't they put a speaker logo that would mute the audio layer, instead of keeping this useless eye ?"

Yes I'm talking about this grey eye.

What's the point of letting it on audio layers ?

I'd suggest you guys to put a speaker icon instead, looking like this one.

  • This button would active/deactivate the "Mute" option that we can reach in Right Click>Option>Mute.
  • For me, making music tutorials with many sound sources, it would be incredibly faster to work with them
  • After selecting multiple layers (why not even video layers), clicking on the mute button of one of the selected layers would mute them all, why not video included ?

I think it's easy to implement, and would be appreciated by many editors.


Mathieu Blanc