How could I track an object onto someone's hand using green screen point markers?

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Hello, so I am currently planning a short film. We have not filmed it yet, but I have run into a problem. I have bought the particle simulator addon for Hitfilm Express and created a glowing orb. I have tested this a few times by tracking it onto my hand facing left or right (which works) but when I rotate my hand in front of me -or my other hand moves behind the hand I am tracking- it finds it difficult to track.

I was wondering whether there is another way (instead of myself tracking it frame by frame when it gets difficult) by using green screen point markers so it wouldn't get confused. I would think that it would have to be a stationary shot and I would need a still of the background. The only problem is that I think it would also cover part of my hand or my body when I move my hand in front of myself, which means that I would have to mask over it otherwise it would look like I have a hole in myself. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could track my hand moving around using a point marker or something else? Thanks


  • RoliKreis
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    Some different approach: If the tracker can't track a point for some frames, I go manually forward for 10 steps and set the tracking point there manually. That results in a "linear" tracker movement for this 10 frames. If needed I repeat that some times until the footage becomes automatically trackable again. With that you can fill some untrackable parts of the footage, without to manually track EVERY frame. Afterwards, if required, I make some corrections between the 10-frame gaps if there is some movement which not fits the "linear" movement.