[ENHANCEMENT] Add MPEG-4 file support [Hitfilm Already Does This]

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  • [FILE SUPPORT] May we please add MPEG-4 files in the next update? It is a file format for the graphics from the new phones. If yall do that that would be amazing! I can't exactly use that kind of visual because it is not included on the list of files you all support. So if you all could add that it woukd br much appreciated.

  • Hey may you all include MPEG-4 files in the next update? You guys don't seem to have that in your list of graphica files you all support and I would be the most grateful if you could add that in your next update. The new MPEG-4 files is in the new phones like Samsung s20 ultra or the new Samsung phones in general. If you all can add that type of file I would be in great debt to you all. Thank you for your time.

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    @ALDstudios I split your request off into it's own thread as it didn't relate to Blender, but I am not sure but I was under the impression that MP4 are supported already in Hitfilm. I'll let some of the more file tech savvy weigh in here as there may be formats I am not familiar with.

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    @ALDstudios Hitfilm has supported Mpeg-4 (MP4) since day 1.

    Which version of Hitfilm are you running?

    Mpeg-4 (MP4) is a CONTAINER file. It can hold data encoded with several CODECS (COMpressor/DECompressor). A codec is how video is actually encoded.

    H.264/AVC is the "true" "MP4" codec, but MP4 files can also hold h.265/HEVC data. The new Samsung phones, in general, record HEVC media in MP4 files by default (but can be switched to AVC). HEVC support was added in Hitfilm 16.

    Chances are this thread will be closed and marked as "Hitfilm already does this."

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