Problem with Hitfilm Express - white screen and "no response"

Hello, I have a problem with Hitfilm Express.

I have not worked on it for about 3 months (because I did not have such a need) today I wanted to fire up and see if there are any updates and remember it because I was supposed to edit a film for school, but after turning on a white screen (other messages appear - e.g. Update information) but there is a white screen all the time, the cursor works, but a few seconds after switching on, "no response" appears, and you need to turn off the program. Previously, nothing like that was done. I updated the program to version 16 (previously it was 15), I think I did 2 re-installations and nothing! I would like to add that my equipment is not the best, but as I wrote before - everything worked without any complaints.

Please help!

My Windows system language: Polish

* writes with the help of Google Translator *