[ENHANCEMENT] Rename "Next Edit Point" Keyboard Shortcut

TerryS Posts: 127 Enthusiast
edited February 2021 in HitFilm

As per title.

"Next Edit Point "

Is an all-encompassing nomenclature. Every Key-frame, Marker, insertion point for an Effect, etc...Is an " Edit Point ".

In reality. The Next Edit Point jumps to the Start/End of a clip and Does nothing else. Unless I missed something?

A Keyboard Shortcuts name should reflect its Actual Function.

It confused a member that was seeking Jump to Start/End of a clip today. I myself, relativity new to HitFilm. Concluded the shortcut didn't exist. @FilmSensei had to intervene/come to the rescue.

The keyboard shortcuts name should be cut and dry. Its functionality should scream out as you read the title.

Jump to Start/End of a clip .............Works for me.

Any title thats cut and dry/to the point works. As long as it reflects what occurs.

Thanks for your time and consideration.