The VFX-Artist's Kids Life! GREAT.

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There are some exciting FX in it... "Your Mom's gonna kill me!" :-D


  • StormyKnight
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    Great stuff, Grisby!!!!! A lot of the effects I didn't see coming. Loved the climbing across the rail bit. When the camera panned I was expecting to see more of the room- NOT!
    lol- can't put the camera down to save the kid 'cause "you're too busy filming"! :))
    Dragging the light sabre on the floor was excellent.
    Too many good effects- can't comment on all.......
  • Grisby
    Grisby Posts: 299 Just Starting Out*
    It's NOT my own Vid... I just thought, it would be interesting for you...
    In the last Tiime, there are a lot of great homemade VFX-Videos... and not at all Moments even I imagine, how they did it...
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    Ha ha - every little kids dream :)