Organization Ideas/Tips: please help a hoarder

digitalbaruch Posts: 55 Enthusiast

One thing I was not prepared for when I began video editing in the past year was the exponential growth of files I would have hanging around. As someone with ADHD organization is not really my thing. I have no idea how to even go about organizing this mountain of stuff. What does your organizational system look like? How do you go about it?



  • Andy001z
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    So for assests I have a directory structure (or I did until my drive died - back it up people).

    • 3d models
    • SFX
    • Music
    • LUTS
    • etc

    Then for each project I have a studio folder that I then nest with sub folders for each project. Each project then has assets and bits that are only relevant to that project. I also try and have an export folder for stuff coming out of hitfilm.