2 layers in 3d need to move together

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I am doing the parallax effect and have a background layer that I have a layer of a woman coming out of a tree. I do my camera move and the woman always outruns the background layer. I have them both spaced apart in 3d to create the illusion which I learned from a few tutorials. But for the life of me I can't get this to work LOL. Any help? Open ears. : )


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    Once the object are in 3D space, the relative speed with which they pass will be determined by distance from camera.

    First thing you should do is adjust the Anchor Point of the dryad layer to be at the bottom. Anchor Point is found in the Transform Properties of the layer.

    Once the Anchor Point has been moved you'll need to move the dryad back down into place on the ground, but the anchor adjustment will make this next bit less annoying...

    Ok, so with relative movement being tied to how close the dryad is to the camera, you'll need to start adjusting the Z-position of the layer (position values are in order XYZ). If it's moving "too fast," then it needs to be father away from camera. Too slow and it needs to be closer. You're just going to have to keep adjusting the position until the relative movement is correct.

    Once you have the correct position, worry about scale. Moving the anchor point means adjusting Scale should have the dryad grow/skink from ground level, so you don't have to keep sticking her on the ground.

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    Thank you this help. It was spot on and worked great!!! You are an Ambassador sir!!