Is AI used to roto classed at cheating

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If you wanted to make a quick roto reel online and used a third party software that used AI to help would this be classed at cheating?

Reason i ask is because i joked to my friend that using this new method could saves hours of pointless time doing roto and you could make a reel in 20mins lol and i friend of mine that its cheating. I explained yeah i know AE and MochaPro has elements that allows for jobs to be done quicker for roto,,tracks or removes and to generally showcase and help to build towards a reel, They still would be classed as "cheating" as a reel.

I do get pressing one button and then saying your a artist is cheating well fooling yourself but i see technology, programs, software, graphic power and even AI in general is processing things quicker and easier and this is how things are moving for for us in the future. So what actually is classed as cheating if you make something quick while using what you have at your disposal at hand . I am not talking about stealing which is a different thing all together my discussion is workload and speed combined to produce the same level of work to save hours,

I know Hitfilm improves assets and effects use to make things quicker. I know that the motion lock can track through a shot of 300frames or so in under a 60seconds. I could use that and track things here and there and make a tracking showreel but everyone then go you used that? Na man that's cheating as you never keyframed every point lol

What do you guys think? I will tag people in as you believe you guys thoughts hold value and i love to hear what you have to say about the present and where we are going future Visual effects wise.








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I Saw this for example which made me create this Discussion based from the following:

(2) VFX Artists Compete Against Artificial Intelligence - YouTube


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    @GarethOwen I'm going to say whatever tool it takes to do the job as efficient and cleanly as possible. No matter what new advances in tech we have come along ultimately there is a human still making decisions on inputs (until Skynet comes online anyway,) so not cheating.

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    What tddavis said.

    Only way it's "cheating" is if you used a tool you wouldn't use on a job!

  • GarethOwen
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    Skynet lol your not far off ha

    Yeah, There reason they shared was because you never actually did the work you can't talk credit for doing it. The sad thing is this person actually works for as a professional freelance VFX artist as also that's why i was so confused

    I know big movies out source there roto work out to india (to cut costs i believe) And its the entry level position to do in big movies as a contracted artist.

    So i image if this software tool becomes bigger and better i imagine loads of company's will invest in and it will be incorporated into there pipelines. and actualy software.

    Of course this could be used for any other tools and effects for work further down the line also.

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    I'd look at it this way: If you get a driving license for an Automatic car, you can only drive automatic, if you get a license for a Manual car, you can drive manual OR automatic. In this case, a reel showcasing the ability to manually roto will net you both work in manual and assisted roto, a reel showcasing only assisted roto, is less likely to land you work doing manual roto - at least that's the way I would see it if I was hiring.

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    Yeah that's a good valid point. To throw a curve ball though what if you used the automated way to do more complex shots because you were raceing against time. Although you were actually able to do it manually if you had the spare hours or days to do so and showed previous examples of what you did with previous methods.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @GarethOwen I still think having examples of manual complex shots would be good. Diversity can be beneficial, and I'd imagine effectively if you can demonstrate being able to do complex shots without assistance, then having some with assistance too wouldn't be detrimental.

    Of course, obligatory "I'm not an actual vfx artist so take my words with a grain of salt".